Ges believes the major issues facing the First Coast fall into two areas:  Fiscal and Constitutional.

Fiscal Responsibility

Most Democrats and Republicans actually agree on one thing: the system is rigged.  The American middle class has been under attack for  generations.  Hard work used to   be enough to succeed in America but that doesn’t seem to be true anymore.  Nowadays you need an advantage in order to achieve the American Dream.  I am running for Congress to restore fairness to our economic and judicial systems.


Protecting Our Environment

In Florida, our environment IS our economy.  We have a unique opportunity to create a durable, sustainable way of life while incubating new industries.


Making Healthcare Affordable for Every American

We cannot tolerate families being charged $600 for an Epi-Pen that saves a child from a bee sting.  Healthcare is not a luxury good.


Veterans and Defense

My Dad was a Korean War veteran.  Our servicemen and women deserve to be treated better.


Protecting American Workers, Wages and Retirement

I will fight to make the American Dream attainable once again.


Education and “Generation Debt”

We need a modern-day G.I. Bill to launch the next greatest generation!

Protecting our Constitutional Rights

Everyone in America has rights afforded to them by our Constitution.  It is up to the individual to choose which rights he or she wants to exercise.  All of these rights are limited by the Constitution itself, by laws promulgated by Congress or by Supreme Court decisions.  There is a current misconception, spread by special interest groups, that the Constitution is a zero-sum document  — that is, if a group of citizens wins an additional right, another group loses their rights.  That is not true!


A Sensible and Humane Immigration Policy

Ripping babies from mothers’ arms is neither humane or sensible.  America is a shining city on a hill, not a vengeful, angry, punitive fiefdom.


The Second Amendment and Preventing Gun Violence

Can we please have a mature and rational conversation about guns in our society?


Protecting Women’s Rights

The fact that this is even an issue in 2018 justifies the need to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.


LGBTQ Rights

Hard fought gains can be erased much quicker than they were earned.  America is great because we move forward, not back.


Equal Access to Justice

Wealth and race have an undue impact on every stage of our system of justice.  All of our civil liberties are compromised if law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and juries consider money and color over right and wrong.


Campaign Finance Reform

If every candidate who said campaign finance reform was their top issue was telling the truth, it would have happened.  I guarantee that re-electing the same ol’ representatives will give us the same ol’ results.


Let’s Win in November

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