Ges Selmont for Congress in Florida’s 4th District

Born and raised, stationed here, relocated, or retired, everybody on Florida’s First Coast values our quality of life.  But as JFK said when he came to Jacksonville in 1960, “We must do better!”  Friends, neighbors and strangers are hurting out there.  Too many are worried about being “one paycheck away…”  We have everything we need at our disposal to craft an almost limitless future for Jacksonville and the First Coast, if we have the will to elect the next generation of leaders.

I am incredibly proud to be your Democratic Candidate for Congress in Florida’s 4th District.

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Ges knows that Jacksonville and the First Coast are under incredible pressure from unchecked development, massive population growth, aging infrastructure, tremendous wealth disparity and a lack of regional planning.  Problems that require community engagement, creative problem solving and a roll-your-sleeves-up work ethic.  In short, we need a Rep like Ges to ensure that Jacksonville and the First Coast remain affordable, beautiful, and full of people who are diverse in age, ethnicity, race, gender, country of origin and income.

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Team Selmont is here to help all voters learn about the most exciting movement the First Coast has ever seen.  The way we run is the way we will serve you in Congress- we will be fast, responsive, thorough, professional, courteous, helpful, understanding and accommodating.

We believe that for the residents of Jacksonville and the First Coast, Ges Selmont is exactly the right candidate at exactly the right moment in time.

Ready to vote for Ges?  Get access to voter resources for Nassau, Duval and St. Johns County, all part of Florida’s 4th Congressional District.

We’re excited to talk to you about arranging for Ges to speak with your group in person!  Let’s find out how we can share the excitement of the 2018 Campaign.


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