I believe that we cannot allow the hard-fought gains of recent years to be eroded or undone.  I will be a proud advocate of the rights of our LGBTQ community to be free from harassment not only in the workplace but in everyday life.  We’ve come a long way since 1969.  Many have fought for equal rights, marriage equality and workplace protections.  There is more to do, such as passing the Equality Act.  However, if we are not vigilant, all these rights can be eroded given the attitude of the President and the Republicans who are lock step behind him.  You need a representative in Washington with the skills and determination to protect these rights.

New York and San Francisco have traditionally had large LGBTQ populations because to be gay you had to go to a big city to be anonymous;  to disappear in plain sight.  But in 2018, you don’t want to be invisible and we don’t want you to be.  Jacksonville has exported too much human capital; too much talent has left.  We need your energy, your vitality, your disposable income, your activism, and your creativity, too.  Jacksonville needs all of you to be here.

So I’ll make a deal with you.  Please stay in Jacksonville and be loud and proud about being LGBTQ. I will go to Washington and I’ll be loud and proud when representing you.


Let’s Win in November

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