Two of my siblings are teachers.  We all attended public schools and I can’t ever remember having a teacher who had a second job as a waitress and a third job as an online tutor just to get by.  We must increase teachers’ salaries and benefits so they can truly be education professionals. We must increase funding for public school education and provide a safe learning environment. I support quality education access for children of all walks of life, especially low-income and disabled children that may have “fallen through the cracks.”

I am proud of our state colleges and universities here in Florida. However, our youth are graduating from college facing a world of insurmountable debt.  Predatory lenders and companies compound this debt.  Consumers are powerless to understand and negotiate the terms of their contracts. The cost of attending public colleges must be dramatically reduced for in-state residents and student loan debt should be forgiven over time, provided that individual milestones are achieved.


Let’s Win in November

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